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Mission 1 – Find a Seat

Assassin’s Creed III was the first game we installed on our inexplicably illuminated PC, and by god, we were impressed (and relieved that it actually worked). It looked spectacular and was absolutely massive. The present day sections with Q from Star Trek and three other people were rubbish, but we didn’t give a shit – you got to run around in the trees, shoot deer and jump into carts of hay from increasingly ridiculous heights. It felt so effortless to leg it around; just by holding down the right mouse button Connor would slickly bound over every obstacle you pointed him towards.

Once the various tutorials were done, in true open-world fashion, we didn’t bother with any of the actual missions straight away and instead ran around collecting various knick-knacks marked on the map. It barely mattered what they were – feathers, trinkets, chests – the world was ours.

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I hadn’t ever been a serious PC gamer and for the past decade or so, I mainly subsisted on consoles. After a lot of Minecraft, a bit of Faster Than Light and replaying many, many adventure games on my laptop, along with watching the excellently silly Yogscast, R and I decided to invest in a proper gaming PC as a joint Christmas present to ourselves.


The blue light lets everyone know that this is a serious machine for serious people to play serious games on

One of the first games we were looking forward to playing was the recently released Assassin’s Creed III. We had watched bits and pieces of it on Youtube and it looked like a decent game to try out our fancy new machine and to also kickstart our inevitable gaming habit.


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